Planner 310 HD
Planner 310 HD: Elevating Off-Season Operations

When it comes to optimizing operations during the off-season, look no further than Planner 310 HD, an advanced solution designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. This cutting-edge system streamlines a variety of hydraulic functions required for lift, angle, and tilt adjustments of the blade, all managed through an intuitive interface featuring only two controls.

Planner 310 HD

Key Features:

The cornerstone of Planner 310 HD lies in its hydraulic control system, meticulously engineered to facilitate blade maneuverability. By utilizing just two controls, operators can seamlessly oversee lift, angle, and tilt functions, ensuring precise and instinctive adjustments.

The machine comes equipped with an integrated flow control box, eliminating the need for additional components. This built-in feature optimizes the overall operational experience and contributes to cost-effective usage.

Planner 310 HD boasts a compact and ergonomic design, making it a user-friendly tool to operate. Its efficiency is unmatched, allowing for effective cutting across various terrains while ensuring economical resource utilization.

The system's cutting capabilities are second to none, comparable to those of motor graders. This leads to impeccable results, even in challenging landscapes, marking a significant advancement in off-season maintenance.

Planner 310 HD's extended angle of attack translates to heightened performance levels. This advancement ensures remarkable results, especially in scenarios where precision is of the utmost importance.

This solution adapts to your needs, offering the flexibility to choose between a 3.65 or 4.24-meter blade, with or without counterweights. This customizable aspect allows you to tailor the system to your specific operational requirements.

Investing in Planner 310 HD is an investment in guaranteed returns. Its ability to optimize operations, coupled with its cost-effective design, promises to enhance productivity and yield tangible benefits over time.

Reinforced bearings are integrated into the system, significantly reducing maintenance requirements. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent performance throughout the system's lifecycle.

The front and rear closure mechanisms of Planner 310 HD prevent the accumulation of straw, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient operation, even in straw-rich environments.

Equipped with a hydraulic swing system and counterweight, the machinery ensures stability and precise control, contributing to an unparalleled operational experience.

Incorporate Planner 310 HD into your off-season operations and witness the transformation of your productivity. Its advanced features, versatile customization, and efficient design make it an indispensable asset with a promising future.