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Planner 710 CT: Master Every Terrain with Unmatched Efficiency

Tackle any terrain with unwavering efficiency. Discover a solution that embodies the prowess of a motor grader while offering an exceptional cost-benefit ratio. Benefit from minimal maintenance costs and maximized yields. This innovation is compatible with a wide range of tractors (100 to 250hp) and features tires with adjustable angles of attack for enhanced grip. Increased stability and an articulated wheelset ensure precision performance.

Planner 510 CT

Key Advantages:

Experience all the functionalities of a motor grader with an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.

Minimize maintenance expenses while maximizing your agricultural yield.

This solution seamlessly integrates with tractors within the 100 to 250hp power range.

Tires with angle of attack adjustment provide increased traction and stability.

Enjoy heightened stability and maneuverability with the articulated wheelset.

The system's unique joint inclination design, coupled with a wider tire tread, excels in diverse terrains.

Achieve up to 1.6m lateral displacement, covering more ground efficiently.

Invest confidently, as this solution ensures a significant return on investment.

Precision Performance:

Each turning point is equipped with grease fittings and bearings for smooth operation and longevity.

Benefit from exclusive angles and up to 40° blade rotation for precise terrain management.

Enjoy wheelset inclination of up to 20º, akin to motor graders, for efficient soil manipulation.

Achieve greater ground penetration (40cm), enhancing soil management capabilities.

Tailor blade cutting angles to your specific needs for versatile performance.

Elevate your capabilities with this innovation, ensuring remarkable efficiency across all terrains. It's a choice that promises optimal returns and dependable results.