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Planner 510 CT: Unlocking Farming Versatility with the GAIN System

Enhance your farming endeavors with the GAIN System, a revolutionary solution engineered to amplify versatility and productivity. This innovative system introduces a range of benefits that optimize soil management and operational efficiency.

Planner 510 CT

Key Advantages:

The GAIN System excels in soil systematization, providing a strategic approach to land management that maximizes agricultural output.

Efficiency meets economy with the GAIN System. Its thoughtful design reduces maintenance demands, freeing resources for uninterrupted farming operations.

The system achieves unparalleled earth displacement, facilitated by the ample free space between the blade and dimensioned chassis. This feature enhances overall performance while maintaining structural integrity.

Experience smooth and efficient cutting operations with the GAIN System. Its design ensures a seamless cutting process, resulting in finely tailored terrain modifications.

The GAIN System is tailored for tractors with power ranging from 95 to 160hp, ensuring compatibility and optimal utilization across a variety of agricultural setups.

Enjoy exceptional resilience and adaptability in soil removal tasks. The GAIN System offers remarkable resistance and versatility, meeting the demands of diverse soil conditions.

Embracing the GAIN System is an investment backed by assured returns. Its ability to streamline operations and drive efficiency promises substantial gains over time.

Performance Enhancements:

The GAIN System boasts a substantial 90cm lift capacity, enabling effective handling of various terrains and elevations.

With an increased blade angle of 28/62° and greater inclination, the system's cutting prowess is elevated, promising precision even in challenging landscapes.

The GAIN System introduces enhanced clearance due to its well-placed axle and tire configuration. This aspect minimizes disruptions during operation.

The system's modular structure is fortified with protective bearings, ensuring durability and longevity in demanding farming environments.

Boasting a remarkable 1.60m chassis side displacement, the GAIN System features a patented lateral displacement system that seamlessly offsets its working range from the tractor.

The GAIN System features a coated blade equipped with side cuts, enhancing its cutting effectiveness and contributing to the overall precision of the system.

Embrace the GAIN System to revolutionize your farming capabilities. Its advanced features, versatile design, and proven efficiency guarantee a brighter future for your agricultural pursuits.