GTS has always manufactured innovative cutting decks with a philosophy based on simplicity and efficiency. The use of strong lightweight materials such as aluminium increases performance and fuel economy, while reducing wear on the combine and soil compaction.

The Flexer brings more productivity, the ability to work at greater speed, and provides a better cut with less loss of grain. It has a self-compensating floating system, allowing the cutter bar to slide smoothly over the ground and avoid drag. Additionally this machine reduces the wear of the platform and harvester, bringing superior results for large-scale harvesting.


Cutter Bar

The positioning and alignment of the knives enhance the overall smoothness of the machine's movement and significantly improve the stability of the bar.

Our top-notch harvesting equipment is meticulously crafted to compete with and be the preferred choice of farmers who use machines from the most reputable harvesting brands on the market.

For the GTS Flexer, we opted for the renowned Schumacher brand's EasyCut system. Despite its simplicity, the Schumacher system excels in precision. Its blades are cleverly arranged in an alternating fashion, with one up and one down. Additionally, the rollers, fitted with high-quality bearings, are positioned in an alternating manner, and the adjustable backrest further contributes to bar stability. Trusted by leading manufacturers worldwide, the GTS Flexer has demonstrated its ability to deliver a lower cut while demanding less effort to maneuver through the crop. This reduction in energy consumption, vibration, and noise is a testament to its exceptional performance.

The hydraulic adjustment of the angle of attack, conveniently controlled from the driver's seat, offers a range of positions, allowing the bar to adapt to terrain irregularities by floating up to 200mm. Skidders placed on the underside of the technil platform facilitate this adaptability.

Another noteworthy design feature of the Flexer platforms is the Springflex spring system, which collaborates seamlessly with onboard sensors to create a ground profile. This profile enables precise adjustment of spring tension as needed, further enhancing the platform's performance.

cutter bar

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draper mats

Draper Mats

Rubber concentrator mats enhance the smooth transportation of products.

As per the standard configuration of high-quality draper platforms, there is a central belt and two side belts, all powered by the adjustable gearbox. You can vary the linear speed of the tracks using this transmission, which offers three speed settings with approximately a 15% difference between the low, medium, and high positions.

To safeguard the power system, the GTS Flexer is equipped with a clutch that engages when the belt tension reaches a predefined limit, effectively protecting it against potential breakage or failure. The central auger follows a conventional system with pickup fingers positioned behind the central belt.

The front mats are equipped with a sealing system that prevents the accumulation of straw and debris on the mats, thus reducing the need for daily maintenance.


The harvesting reel is split into three distinct sections.

Within the GTS platform, you'll find a hexagonally-shaped reel constructed from high-strength steel, effectively partitioned into three sections. This assembly's height and feeding position can be adjusted relative to the cutter bar, and its rotation is synchronized with the machine's feed speed. Specifically, the central reel is set in a rearward position to guide the product towards the machine throat, while the two lateral sections are slightly forward to facilitate the movement of straw and grain towards the side conveyors.

At both ends of the reel, there is a comb known as the "flip-over," which offers seven adjustable positions for the reel's pick-up fingers. The more advanced forward positions enhance product feeding efficiency and facilitate its placement on the mat. Additionally, they make it easier to roll up the mass of straw and plant stems from the harvested crops.


XS Aluminum and XP Steel


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